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Amarr®  4300

For a clean look that provides maximum visibility and outstanding security, the Amarr 4300 series rolling grilles have the strength to assure property protection. The Amarr 4300 series is manufactured to combine ease of installation and use with aesthetically pleasing open air security.

Duty Rating Heavy-Duty
Insulation/R-Value N/A
Layers 1
Warranty 3-Year
Price $$$$
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The Amarr 4300 Series Rolling Grille is ideal for applications requiring a combination of security, visibility and airflow.


Rolling Grilles allow for shared HVAC loads at Malls, airports and shopping centers while maintaining visibility and security.


Amarr’s 3-Part specifications are written in the latest CSI format and are available for download in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format.


Door, track and opening preparation drawings are available for download in multiple formats.

Click here for downloadable 3 – part specification sheets