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Authentic carriage house designs handcrafted in the beauty of natural wood.


Authentic handcrafted carriage house designs combine historical charm and character with the convenience of automatic overhead operation. A natural wood carriage house door is the kind of door that gets people talking. Six carriage house designs in three wood species and multiple top section/window panel designs that can be mixed and matched, painted or stained, to complement any architectural style and color scheme.

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Reserve® Wood Semi-Custom series garage doors are the perfect way to give your home historical character while also providing your home with a unique look that will stand out in your neighborhood.  With your choice of three wood species, six base door designs, and finishes including natural oak, cedar, and mahogany, these doors provide both a welcome complement to your home’s architecture.

  • Six base door designs available.
  • Available wood species include Cedar, Redwood, and Hemlock.
  • Many optional window designs and decorative hardware available.
  • Factory finished doors available in seven popular stains, including natural oak, mahogany and cedar, or painted white. Priming also available for field painting.


  • Handcrafted 2-layer non-insulated wood doors in authentic carriage house designs. Swing-out appearance, modern operation.
  • Crafted from the finest wood species, harvested from sustainable and naturally fallen forestry.
  • Standard bottom vinyl weatherseal helps seal against the elements. Additional protection will be provided with an optional aluminum retainer.

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